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Plateau State Workers Protest Over 45 Months Unpaid Salaries




Workers in Plateau State have raised alarm over unpaid salaries for 45 Months.

News About Nigeria confirmed in a report that on  Thursday, April 14th, workers in Plateau State protested across the street concerning the delay of their salaries for the past 45 months.

They had protested in the state capital, Jos and demanded that the state government should pay them their outstanding salaries with immediate effect.

According to them, the delay had caused hardship and greatly stopped a healthy standard of living for their families as they have been unable to meet their basic needs, pay their bills, or provide for their children’s education.

Speaking to the press during the protest, one of the workers said: “We have been patient enough. It’s been 45 months since we last received our salaries. How do you expect us to survive? We are not slaves, we deserve to be paid for the work we do.”

The Plateau State government has reacted after the protests and ensured the workers of paid salaries to be effectively met soon.

The spokesperson to the government, Mr. Dan Manjang explained that the state was facing financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and dwindling oil revenues, which had affected its ability to pay salaries.

He however assured the workers that the state government was going to find a  solution to the problem and that they should just exercise patience.

The protest ended peacefully, with the workers pledging to continue their work fully after the government took action concerning their request.