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Dramatic Collision: 40-Foot Container Trailer Crashes into Car, Three Lives Saved



Three lives hung in the balance as a horrifying accident unfolded at the Abalti Barracks end of the Ojuelegba Bridge in Surulere, but miraculously they were saved, News About Nigeria reports.

The heart-stopping incident transpired when a massive 40-foot container trailer, in a cruel twist of fate, collided with a Toyota Corolla bearing the registration number JJJ 811 FV while attempting to ascend the bridge.

The scene of this perilous drama witnessed the gallant and heroic efforts of the Sari Iganmu Rescue Crew from the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service. They were joined by fellow state emergency responders and compassionate passersby, forming a united front in the race against time.

Despite the sheer force of the accident, the indefatigable rescue team managed to extract two adult males and one adult female who had been occupants of the ill-fated car. In a stroke of fortune, the driver of the trailer and their assistant narrowly escaped the devastating collision.

Once freed from the wreckage, the three survivors received immediate first aid on-site, thanks to the swift response and expertise of the rescue teams. Following their initial treatment, they were swiftly transported to the Lagos State Accident and Trauma Center for further medical attention.

Adeseye Margaret, the Director of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, confirmed the remarkable success of the rescue operation via the state fire service’s Twitter account. She emphasized the critical importance of rapid response and collaborative efforts in such life-or-death situations.

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