Nollywood Actress Judy Austin Opens Up About Dream Of Becoming President (Video)



In a candid and lighthearted conversation with her husband, popular Nollywood actress Judy Austin shared a dream she had involving becoming the president of a country.

News about Nigeria confirms that the actress, who is married to fellow actor Yul Edochie, revealed the details of her dream while they were driving together in a car.

According to Judy Austin, in her dream, she found herself stepping out of the United States of America’s presidential jet, known as Air Force One, as an entourage of dignitaries warmly welcomed her. She expressed her bewilderment about the dream, as she couldn’t immediately make sense of it. Judy mentioned that if she were an American with political ambitions, the dream would have been straightforward.

Yul Edochie, being a supportive spouse, chimed in and encouraged his wife by suggesting that her dream might not necessarily be about becoming the president of America, but rather the president of their home country, Nigeria. He emphasized that dreams can be the starting point of reality, and that Judy can work towards making her dream a reality.

The couple shared a joyful laugh as they contemplated the dream and connected the dots. Judy Austin expressed a sense of relief in having the pieces of her dream put together by her husband’s perspective.


In her words;


“In this dream baby, I had a dream I was coming down from, What do you call the name of the president’s jet .. Airforce one! I was coming down from Airforce One with dignitaries greeting me standing there. I’m like, I don’t understand what is happening. I was even confused in the dream too. I don’t understand it. Why will I be having a dream where I am president to the Americans.”

Yul Edochie infers, “Once you can dream anything, it’s possible; you can achieve it.”

“But I am not an American citizen na,” Judy stated.

“Maybe the president of Nigeria. It’s possible; Once you can dream it, it’s possible,” Yul concluded.


Watch the video below …

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