Court Ruling: Abia State Governor-elect Dr. Alex Otti and Labour Party Candidates Disqualified



In a significant development, the Federal High Court in Kano presided over by Justice M.N. Yunusa, has delivered a verdict that has sent shockwaves through the political landscape of Abia State.

The court ruled to disqualify the Abia State Governor-elect, Dr. Alex Otti, and all candidates representing the Labour Party in both Abia and Kano States, News About Nigeria reports.

This decision raises serious questions about the compliance of electoral processes with the provisions of the 2022 electoral act.

The ruling came as a result of a case, with the suit number FHC/KN/CS/107/2023, filed by Mr. Ibrahim Haruna Ibrahim against the Labour Party and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The court found that the Labour Party failed to meet the requirement of submitting its membership register to the INEC within the stipulated 30-day period before their primaries. As a consequence, the court deemed the entire process invalid.

Justice M.N. Yunusa’s ruling made it clear that a political party that does not comply with the provisions of the electoral act cannot be considered to have a valid candidate in an election, and subsequently, cannot be declared the winner.

The judgment stated that the votes credited to the Labour Party candidates were effectively wasted votes.

The implications of this court ruling extend beyond the immediate disqualification of the Governor-elect and the affected candidates. It highlights the critical importance of adhering to electoral laws to ensure a fair and transparent democratic process.

The ruling serves as a reminder to all political parties and candidates that compliance with the electoral act is essential for the legitimacy of their candidature.

As news of the ruling spreads, political analysts and legal experts are examining its implications for the electoral landscape. It prompts a reevaluation of the processes in place to regulate political parties and candidates, emphasizing the need for strict adherence to electoral laws.

The Labour Party now faces the challenge of rectifying its failure to comply with the electoral act and strategizing for the future.

This court decision sends a clear message to all political parties and candidates across Nigeria that the electoral act must be respected and followed diligently. It also underscores the role of the INEC in upholding the integrity of elections and ensuring compliance with electoral laws.

The consequences of this ruling will undoubtedly create waves in the political sphere, sparking discussions on electoral processes and the conduct of political parties and candidates.

The court ruling that disqualified the Abia State Governor-elect, Dr. Alex Otti, and the Labour Party candidates mark a significant turning point in the political landscape.

The focus now shifts to the future, where lessons must be learned, and corrective measures must be taken to ensure that electoral processes comply with the electoral act. Only then can the democratic will of the people be upheld, and a true representation of their choice be realized.

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